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Get competitive advantage and compliance built right into your digital mortgage workflow. Our Encompass® and Velocify® sales and marketing solutions automate and streamline cycles so sales teams and loan officers can lower costs, capture interest, and fill pipelines faster while staying compliant.

Encompass CRM™

A mortgage-focused sales and marketing solution that allows lenders to leverage automated one-to-one marketing capabilities to capture and convert more leads, foster better referral relationships, and stay compliant.

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Encompass Direct Mail™

A unique marketing solution that lets lenders reach new and existing customers with targeted, relevant direct mail campaigns that are specifically tailored to an exact audience.

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Velocify LeadManager™

A sales automation solution that helps high-volume inside sales teams increase leads response, improve engagement, prioritize sales communications, and customize workflows.

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Velocify LoanEngage™

A powerful platform that manages referral partners and streamlines sales and marketing processes so loan officers and lenders can build and grow their most important business relationships.

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Velocify Pulse™

Powerful Salesforce™ sales automation software that helps ensure the right lead gets to the right rep at precisely the right time to improve response and engagement.

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Velocify Dial-IQ™

A click-to-call automated dialer enabling sales teams to increase their speed-to-lead, leverage local caller ID for more conversations, and ensure they focus on the right prospects at the right time.

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Encompass Consumer Connect®

Allows lenders to create and customize an inviting online experience where borrowers can easily complete applications, provide and receive information, order services, and connect with your company on a deeper level.

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Encompass TPO Connect®

An extension of our Encompass Digital Mortgage Solution that allows wholesale and correspondent lenders and investors to leverage a collaborative web experience where TPOs can efficiently originate, process, and monitor loans.

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