Market Clarity FAQ

  • What is AllRegs Markert Clarity®?

    AllRegs maintains a loan product database of 44 distinct data points for over 2,800 products from roughly 65 different investors. This business intelligence is delivered in a dynamic, customizable comparative analysis application created by award-winning business intelligence solutions provider Motivity Solutions.

  • Who should use Market Clarity?

    Actually, there are two distinct types of Market Clarity users (you may actually have business needs of both users!) -

    User 1 If you are a correspondent or broker and “sell” loans, this is an ideal product for you to identify what is available in the markplace.

    User 2 If you are an upstream investor and “buy” loans, this is a valuable risk mitigation and market opportunity tool.

  • What is the value proposition of Market Clarity for upstream investors?

    Risk Mitigation – Quickly determine if your guidelines are the most lenient on the street – avoid being adversely selected due to changing market conditions.

    Identify Market Opportunity – Find out what areas of the lending spectrum are underserved, or, where a slight guideline change can result in increased volume.

    A Sales Tool – Your Account Executives can easily differentiate your program parameters from your competitors.

    A Quality Assurance Resource – Compare your underwriting guidelines to that of your Peers in conjunction with servicing portfolio performance.

    Increase Efficiencies – Competitive market analysis that you perform today takes tedious research and significant man-hours. With Market Clarity, the research and compilation is done for you, you simply pick the product.

  • What is the value proposition of Market Clarity for correspondent lenders and brokers?

    Obtain, Analyze and Compare Business Intelligence.
    Quickly determine what Investor has the guidelines most suitable to your needs – and whether or not you are currently doing business with them

    Need to find a buyer for an underwriting mistake? Looking for a niche product? Using Market Clarity you can search loan parameters of over 2,800 products from 85 investors.

    Compare Mortgage Insurance Company overlays to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac or your other Investors.

    Manage Investor relationships More Effectively – negotiate unique terms of business by being armed with competitive information.

    Create Proprietary Products – Looking to deliver in bulk and want to increase you delivery options? With Market Clarity you can quickly compare your Investor’s guidelines across one specific product or loan type and create a set of guidelines suitable to multiple investors.

    Increase Efficiencies – Competitive market analysis that you perform today takes tedious research and significant man hours. With Market Clarity, the research and compilation is done for you, you simply pick the product.

  • How is Market Clarity different from my pricing engine?

    Pricing engines provide a “bottom up” approach to product eligibility where Market Clarity provides a “top down” view. The most significant difference is the ability to easily compare 44 different loan product attributes across many investors.

  • Why isn't there pricing in the system too?

    AllRegs provides data to some of the most respected Pricing Engines in the industry. Subsequent to the release of Market Clarity, we will be investigating how we can further integrate with these providers to bring you even more information.

  • How frequently are guidelines updated? How current are they?

    Guidelines are updated nightly and usually within 24 to 48 hours of investor notification.

  • How accurate are the guidelines?

    For over 20 years AllRegs has been known for as your source for fast, reliable answers. Our staff is composed of experienced mortgage professionals, many of whom were senior underwriters, with an average experience level of 24 years. We’re tracking 44 data points on 2100 products, so we’re actually managing roughly 100,000 pieces of information. We strive for perfection and achieve an accuracy level of approximately 97%, but do occasionally make mistakes. Errors, when detected, are quickly corrected. Of course, Market Clarity is not an automated underwriting system; you should always refer to the investor’s guidance for underwriting and loan approval.

  • How does AllRegs obtain guidelines from such a wide variety of investors?

    There are two ways AllRegs obtains guidelines. We are the exclusive and official publisher for many of the industry’s leading investors. These investors send us their guidelines and we publish them on the investor’s website as well as on AllRegs. You’ve probably noticed the “Powered by AllRegs” logo in the bottom left corner of many of the nation’s leading investors. The other way we obtain guidelines is as an agent for correspondent lenders or brokers who are authorized to do business with an Investor. AllRegs is retained to copy the investor’s guidelines and place them in a standardized template within a product eligibility engine. The correspondent or broker’s loan officers are then able to easily navigate multiple investor’s guidelines in a consistent presentation without have to visit each investor’s website.

  • Can I see the guidelines for all 85 investors if I don't have a business relationship with all of them?

    Yes and no. For those investors with whom you have an approved business relationship, you will see the full detail on their products. If you are not an approved business partner, you will see a “masked” version of the guidelines. This masked version will allow you to see most of the product details but not the actual narrative underwriting guidelines. You will be able to gauge the market and identify what products are available, but will not be able to determine who the investor is.

  • If I want to do business with an investor whose name is hidden, How can I contact them?

    You can submit a request to AllRegs and we will forward it on to the investor.

  • We're an investor. How can I get my company's guidelines on Market Clarity?

    For more information, please contact your AllRegs Regional Account Executive at (800) 848-4904, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. ET.