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Technical Support

Reliable, consistent access to the systems, software and information that help you run your business is critical to your success. You count on your Ellie Mae's Encompass solution to be up and running through every step of loan origination. That's why at Ellie Mae, our commitment to superior technical support has been and always will be a top priority.

Encompass clients:
Visit the Client Resource Center

A variety of support channels

Ellie Mae has a variety of Technical Support channels, and at any time of the day your named contacts can find the answers you need, whether online in the Encompass Resource Center or directly with our specialized response teams, via:

  • Phone support Monday-Friday, 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (PST).
  • Web case submission and management via the Encompass Resource Center.
  • Online chat accessible from the Encompass Resource Center during business hours.
  • Talk to an agent during business hours.
  • After-hours critical support.
  • Encompass client forums for peer-to-peer idea exchange.

24x7 Online Support

Online support is accessible through the Encompass Resource Center, which provides information about getting started with Encompass, compliance updates and our online forum. Additionally, we offer an extensive, expert-driven knowledge base, document library and on-demand education video catalog.

You may also check the availability of Encompass and related solutions and services online, 24x7, and get updates on system maintenance schedules by accessing the Ellie Mae Status Center.

Enterprise Technical Support: Basic, Premier, Elite

Stay one step ahead with personalized, proactive and strategic support that maximizes your investment of the Ellie Mae Platform of Services. Ellie Mae’s Enterprise Technical Support offers three levels of access that are fine-tuned to the specific support needs of larger and enterprise-level operations. Benefits include:

  • Faster initial response times to your questions and issues.
  • Maximize your investment in Encompass.
  • Receive personalized support from an assigned Customer Success Manager.
  • Receive regular performance analysis reports and reviews to ensure optimization of your Encompass Environment.
  • Get customized technical case reviews and reports to ensure priority alignment.

Contact your Ellie Mae account manager today for more information about the Enterprise Technical Support program.


Tech Pulse: Basic, Premier, Elite

Take the pulse of your system and upgrade performance. Tech Pulse offers three levels of analysis, using a series of diagnostic data to provide insight into your Encompass solution’s responsiveness and performance. We look at client-to-server transition response time, workstation performance logging, and network impact across your entire enterprise, at both the organizational and individual levels. With Tech Pulse, you receive:

  • Encompass Settings Review
  • Current System Performance Output
  • Performance Report Snapshot
  • Performance Report Analysis


Virtual Admin

The Virtual Admin offering is a subscription-based service that directly engages expert-level Encompass administrative talent with a diverse skill set to augment your core existing IT staff. Your Virtual Admin acts as an extension of your IT staff, executing on deliverables as outlined by your team. With Virtual Admin, your company can:

  • Restructure internal resources to focus on IT and business initiatives.
  • Receive backup for your on-staff Encompass administrator.
  • Tap into Encompass admin talent with a diverse skill set.


Managed Success Plan

The Managed Success Plan allows you to leverage a Customer Success Manager, a Virtual Admin, and a Customer Success Engineer to help you clarify and execute on business goals and initiatives. The team can also review and help ensure best practices on the status and progress of your current deliverables, and identify and clarify future initiatives and goals. Benefits include:

  • Greater insight in all relevant business areas
  • More insightful perspective on big picture overview
  • High level monitoring of incidents, open issues, and trends