Encompass Product & Pricing Service

Profitability and compliance — together at last

Save time, keep data accurate, and easily stay on top of pricing changes that affect your loan scenarios.


  • Streamlined workflow from lead to lock — right inside Encompass.
  • Integrated products and pricing
  • Alerts for scenario rates and price thresholds
  • Worry-free maintenance for investor programs
  • Ability to view one year of historical pricing data

Automate Your Product and Pricing

Manual processes for finding products and pricing are slow and inefficient, and using a solution that’s not integrated with the rest of the mortgage process can result in pricing errors, inaccurate data or compliance concerns. Meeting compliance regulations by presenting a variety of competitive offers for each loan scenario keeps your loan officers busy doing research—not pursuing leads. And finding out too late about updated investor pricing or adjuster changes can wreak havoc on your profitability.

Sound familiar? Then it’s time to automate your product and pricing with Ellie Mae’s Encompass Product and Pricing Service, available inside Encompass®.

Encompass Product and Pricing Service helps you save time, keep data accurate and in sync, quickly find a variety of offers, and easily stay on top of pricing changes that affect your loan scenarios.

Achieve Success Beyond Profits

Today’s mortgage lending business isn’t just about volume and efficiency—you also have to keep your company above board and out of trouble.

Encompass Product & Pricing Service can help you manage complex loan originator compensation, anti-steering and safe harbor regulations with confidence. Using custom business rules and settings, you can limit your loan officers to use only eligible loan programs, rates, prices and adjustment details from the pricing engine, rather than letting them determine those parameters based on rate sheets. You’ll also limit potentially risky data entry errors that can occur when transferring data manually or from another system to Encompass.

To help with anti-steering regulations, loan officers can print the appropriate loan scenarios found in the Encompass Product & Pricing Service results page to the Encompass eFolder, to demonstrate that alternate programs are not in the borrower’s best interest.

Use Encompass Product & Pricing Service to:

  • Save time with a seamless two-way workflow that sends information directly from your loan file to the product and pricing engine, and adjustment information directly back into your Encompass lock request form, secondary registration tool and the borrower’s secure loan eFolder.
  • Prospect for new loans inside or outside the office, and price and push loan opportunities from your mobile device directly into Encompass.
  • Automatically incorporate consistent LO compensation into loan pricing and ensure that pricing includes your desired profit and appropriate LO compensation amounts.
  • Jump directly from your loan file to product and pricing guidelines and eligibility results, and easily find the best program by sorting by target price, rate, investor and more.
  • Automatically see best execution pricing and incorporate mortgage rates into rate calculations.
  • Streamline your workflow from lead to lock with full communication on lock requests from the loan officer to secondary marketing.
  • Help ensure compliance with anti-steering regulations by evaluating all possible scenarios.
  • Set rate and price targets for automatic system monitoring of loan scenarios as pricing changes throughout the day, week and month, then receive instant email alerts when your targets have been met.
  • Let Ellie Mae manage investor guidelines, eligibility, rate prices and adjusters.
  • Enable relocks, validations and worst case pricing scenarios with Historical Pricing.
  • Ensure you’ve chosen the right product for your borrower by directly referencing AllRegs by Ellie Mae’s industry-leading guidelines directory.
  • Auto-confirm locks with no hands-on updates needed.