Succeed in today’s customer-centric economy

Maximize, optimize, and pursue every lead. Velocify solutions provide the tools you need to reach the right customer at the right time, exactly how they want to be reached.

Accelerate lead response

Enable sales teams to power through call lists via an integrated dialer, send and track emails and text messages, and connect with leads in a more engaging and meaningful way.

Ensure best practices across your entire team

Make every rep perform like your best rep and create and enforce insight-driven sales workflows so that every sales team member takes the optimal action at precisely the right time.

Keep reps focused with prioritized daily sales activities

Prioritize the leads and opportunities your reps work and continuously serve up the most important activity relative to the leads they own. Your team can initiate calls, compose personalized emails, select templates, read and send text messages, and group recipients right from their prioritized lists.

Gain deeper funnel insights

Get full visibility of the sales cycle to isolate optimization opportunities, identify high performing activities, and drive continuous sales process innovation.


Velocify LoanEngage®

A powerful platform that helps manage daily tasks and communications for loan officers to connect with borrowers and referral partners. Sales and marketing processes are streamlined so loan officers and lenders can build and grow their most important business relationships.

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Velocify LeadManager®

A sales automation solution that helps high-volume inside sales teams increase leads response, improve engagement, prioritize sales communications, and customize workflows.

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Velocify Pulse®

Powerful Salesforce™ sales automation software that helps ensure the right lead gets to the right rep at precisely the right time to improve response and engagement.

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Velocify Dial-IQ® Included in every Velocify Solution

A fully integrated sales dialer built into each solution, enabling sales teams to not only make more calls, but make the right ones. Never miss an opportunity to be first with sophisticated lead routing, inbound and outbound calling capabilities, and advanced coaching features.

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“There’s no other solution that has everything needed to manage and scale our sales efforts – including inbound and outbound dialing, email marketing, campaign tracking, lead prioritization, lead distribution, and so much more.”

Dan Miedema
Director of Marketing Operations