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To survive and succeed in today’s mortgage market, you need a streamlined and optimized sales process. Velocify, a part of the Ellie Mae Digital Lending Platform, puts sales automation to work for you to keep your team organized and focused on activities that drive more business.

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Velocify Pulse

Streamline and enforce your unique sales process within Salesforce so your sales leaders, Salesforce admins, and loan officers can focus on growing the business and closing more loans. Your Salesforce environment will instantly become a powerful sales prospecting, closing, and reporting engine.

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Velocify LeadManager

Are you ready to increase your lead conversion rates by up to 400%? Retrieve mortgage leads from over 1,400 integrated lead sources, automatically distribute new leads and reassign unworked leads, prioritize all sales communications, and create customized sales workflows so all leads are acted upon. Respond faster to high-priority leads, sell smarter, and close more loans.

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Velocify LoanEngage

A powerful sales and marketing platform that manages referral partners and streamline sales and marketing processes so loan officers and lenders can build and grow their most important business relationships. Enjoy productivity, compliance, and visibility at all of your company while keeping realtors in the loop and giving borrowers a world-class experience.

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Velocify Dial-IQ

The most reliable and functionally-rich sales dialer built for the mortgage industry. It not only enables more calls to happen, it ensures your loan officers make calls that drive conversations to actionable next steps. More productive calls, faster closing rates, and real-time reporting insights make Dial-IQ a must have tool for your team.

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Ellie Mae's Consumer Engagement solution

Want more business? Deliver better engagement. In today's margin compressed mortgage market, lenders have to maximize every opportunity. Ellie Mae's Consumer Engagement solution allows you to attract more borrowers, engage leads and referrals, convert more opportunities, and grow customers for life.

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“With Velocify leads don’t fall through the cracks anymore. With lead distribution we are able to better manage those leads and get a higher return on investment.”

Eddie Sandoval

Owner, Sanco Business Solutions

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